Short Bio (for those who enjoy brevity):

Goblin Queen is a rock duo made up of Seattle based rock goddesses/elementary music teachers Erin Jordan and Celeste Flock.  We play original songs by both members as well as an array of classic rock and eclectic covers.  Check out our music on SoundCloud.

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Check out these videos!

Goblin Queen performing I See Gold at Stoneway Cafe, Seattle

Goblin Queen performing What Are You Afraid Of at Stoneway Cafe, Seattle

Goblin Queen performing Full Bloom at Tim's Tavern


Long Bio (for those who enjoy the verbose):

Erin Jordan and Celeste Flock, both singer/songwriters, met at an open mic.  Impressed with each other's music, they connected on social media and figured out that they were also fellow Elementary Music teachers on Seattle's south side.  They made a plan to get together and jam over summer vacation.   Finally meeting in Erin's garage the week that summer vacation started, they bonded in their love of songwriting, music school geekiness (Celeste majored in Guitar and Erin majored in voice), and their mutual love of playing Fleetwood Mac, Tom Waits, and Tom Petty covers.  One night after a long practice session they headed to Shadowland in West Seattle to play at open mic.  They sat drinking cocktails and pondering what to call their band.  A David Bowie song came on, one thought led to another, and Goblin Queen was born.